What's New!

Gradually, new images and species are being added, so this list is intended simply to notify the users where to look for recent additions. Ongoing corrections and minor improvements will not be added to this list.

11th April 2019

New genus Qingdaoella

4th April 2019

New genus Aethozooides
New genus Solella

12th March 2019

New genus Uzbekipora

8th February 2019

New genus Iyarispora

23rd November 2018

New genus Harmelinius
New genus Teresaspis

30th October 2018


25th September 2018

New genus Abyssoecia
New genus Alyonushka
New genus Anyuta
New family ANYUTIDAE
New genus Calyssopora
New genus Frontohornera
New genus Orectopora
New genus Pandanipora
New genus Rallocytus
New genus Saccocamera

6th July 2018

New genus Kenocharixa
New genus Aechmellina
New genus Kamilocella

26th June 2018

New genus Arnaopora

17th June 2018

New genus Sonarina
New genus Fehiborypora

25th May 2018

New genus Jodoella

13th April 2018

New genus Cystomeson

13th February 2018

New genus Axilosoecia

11th February 2018

New subgenus Cribrilina (Juxtacribrilina)

25th January 2018

New genus Temacheilonella

24th January 2018

New genus Amynaskolia
New genus Biconcavus

23rd January 2018

New genus Cinclidia

1st January 2018

New genus Burdwoodipora

7th November 2017

New genus Jablonskipora

19th September 2017

Added genus Kalevipora

5th September 2017

New genus Atlantisina
New genus Bathycyclopora
New genus Calvetopora

27th August 2017

New genus Pharopora

17th August 2017

New genus Natanella
New genus Tapajosella

26th June 2017

New genus Hillmeropora
New genus Ristedtia

3rd April 2017

New genus Schizolepraliella

10th March 2017

New genus Bryobrownius
New genus Olisthella
New genus Discoradius

23rd February 2017

New genus Bragella

31st January 2017

New genus Suhius
New genus Woosukia

5th October 2016

New genus Miravitrea

11th September 2016

New genus Guzhoviella
New genus Metastenodiscus
New genus Tibetiporella

15th August 2016

New genus Zigzagopora

14th July 2016

New genus Metamicropora

24th June 2016

New genus Powellitheca

4th March 2016

New genus Ehrhardina

27th January 2016

New genus Lageniporina

25th January 2016

New genus Breoganipora
New genus Galiciapora
New genus Placidoporella

1st December 2015

New genus Pulpeirina

26th October 2015

New genus Calvetomavella

30th July 2015

New genus Abditoporella
New genus Perkhurovella
New genus Terepennipora
New genus Salairella

10th July 2015

New genus Gorjunopora
Added genus Taimyroporella

25th April 2015

New genus Oviexechonella
New genus Sendinopora

23rd April 2015

New genus Nikiforovastylus

15th April 2015

New genus Ratingella
New genus Velbertopora
New genus Rhenishella

10th April 2015

New genus Acantholunaria
New genus Curvipora
New genus Stellatotrypa

1st April 2015

New genus Spiniflabellum

11th March 2015

New genus Celiopsis

13th February 2015

New genus Virididentula
Reinstated genus Bugulina
Reinstated genus Crisularia

2nd February 2015

New family Diedroporidae
New genus Cladobryopastor
New genus Diedropora
New genus Illusiopora
New genus Moyanopora
New genus Quasitrilaminopora
New genus Tumaiella
New genus Zagorsekia

29th January 2015

New genus Autospinifera
New genus Utgaardostylus
New genus Wyseotrypa

5th January 2015

New genus Stoliczkella

13th December 2014

New genus Vitrimurella

3rd December 2014

New genus Jebramella

22nd August 2014

All the references from the IBA Volume from Catania have been added.
New genus Demafinga
New genus Zimmerella

18th August 2014

New genus Pseudokololophos

28th July 2014

New genus Ministiaphila
New genus Platypyxis

15th July 2014

New genus Pirabasoporella

7th May 2014

New genus Hithisipora
New genus Lodenicella

5th May 2014

New genus Bioptica
New genus Bountyella
New genus Caesiopora
New genus Cavalliella
New genus Cheilonellopsis
New genus Fovoporella
New genus Mangana
New genus Microblestrum
New genus Otomicropora
New genus Ramicellepora
New genus Recapitulator
New genus Rosemariella
New genus Stolomicropora
New genus Taylorius
New genus Xenogma

20th April 2014

New genus Aquiloniella
New genus Aspiscellaria
New genus Bathycellaria
New genus Paralicornia
New genus Pomocellaria
New genus Scrupocaberea
New genus Sinocellaria

20th March 2014

New genus Haplostoechios
New genus Ernstipora
New genus Stellatoides

31st January 2014


10th January 2014

New genus Capillapora

7th November 2013

New genus Dolichozoon
New genus Hiberotrypa
New genus Physallidopora

20th October 2013

New genus Podoliapora

7th October 2013

New genus Kenoaplousina

4th October 2013

New genus Spirodella
New genus Vadimella

12 September 2013

New genus Wysejacksonella
New genus Xiapora
New genus Psammocleidochasma
New genus Allotherenia
New genus Rosulapelta
New family Cymuloporidae

2nd September 2013

New genus Cradoscrupocellaria

29th August 2013

New genus Basyaylella
New genus Ostrovskia

3rd May 2013

New genus Adlatipora

28th March 2013

Revised genus Licornia

10th January 2013

New species Reteporella rosjoarum

26th November 2012

New genus Antoniettella

23rd November 2012

New genus Rorypora

1st November 2012

New genus Pyrisinella
New genus Spinisinella

16th October 2012

New genus Pierrella

7th September 2012

New genus Argentinodictya

20th August 2012

New genus Stomacrustula

8th July 2012

New genus Xenoflustra
New genus Braikovia
New genus Toulapora
New genus Mourellina

13th June 2012

New genus Iberofenestella
New genus Isostylus
New genus Hilberocladia
New genus Stephanotheca
New genus Bigeyina
New genus Favosthimosia
New genus Schizocoryne
New genus Scriblitopora
New genus Osburnea
New genus Orbiculipora
New genus Reniporella
New genus Archoporella
New genus Rectimicropora
New genus Reptoforicula
New genus Pywackia
New family Coelotubuliporidae

30th January 2012

New family Lenaporidae
New genus Lunostoma
New genus Fehlerpora

23rd December 2011

New genus Tarsocryptus

15th September 2011

New genus Arbocuspis
New genus Arbopercula
New genus Osburnea

5th July 2011

New genus Lapidosella

7th June 2011

New genus Ramipolypora

24th May 2011

New genus Omanipora

6th January 2011

New genus Rumarcanella

16th December 2010

New genus Corbuliporina

4th November 2010

New genus Dissotrypa
New genus Lenapora
New genus Acanthostictoporella

1st November 2010

New genus Barrosia
New genus Bertorsonidra

4th September 2010

New genus Dartevellopora
New genus Discantenna
New genus Eutaleola
Beania americana Thanks to Leandro Vieira
Beania correiae Thanks to Leandro Vieira
Beania cupulariensis Thanks to Leandro Vieira
Beania maxilladentata Thanks to Leandro Vieira
Beania mirabilissima Thanks to Leandro Vieira

21st April 2010

Aplousina gigantea Thanks to Judy Winston
Nellia tenella Thanks to Judy Winston
Tremoschizodina lata Thanks to Judy Winston

22nd January 2010

New genus Marcusadorea

22nd January 2010

New genus Inferusia

21st December 2009

Hincksina longiavicularia Thanks to Matt Dick
Tegella aquilirostris Thanks to Matt Dick
Tegella horrida Thanks to Matt Dick
Celleporella nodasakae Thanks to Matt Dick
Cribrilina corbicula Thanks to Matt Dick
Puellina caesia Thanks to Matt Dick

16th December 2009

Monoporella aleutica Thanks to Matt Dick
Monoporella ellefsoni Thanks to Matt Dick
Monoporella elongata Thanks to Matt Dick
Monoporella flexibila Thanks to Matt Dick
Monoporella gigantea Thanks to Matt Dick
Monoporella seastormi Thanks to Matt Dick
Bugula pugeti Thanks to Matt Dick
Cauloramphus multispinosus Thanks to Matt Dick
Cauloramphus tortilis Thanks to Matt Dick
Cauloramphus spinifer Thanks to Matt Dick
Cauloramphus multiavicularia Thanks to Matt Dick
Cauloramphus magnus Thanks to Matt Dick
Cauloramphus niger Thanks to Matt Dick
Corbulella extenuata Thanks to Matt Dick

15th December 2009

Cosciniopsis lonchaea Thanks to Matt Dick
Crepidacantha carsioseta Thanks to Matt Dick
Cribellopora souleorum Thanks to Matt Dick
Escharoides longirostris Thanks to Matt Dick
Fenestrulina caseola Thanks to Matt Dick
Hippopodina iririkiensis Thanks to Matt Dick
Junerossia copiosa Thanks to Matt Dick
Metacleidochasma verrucosa Thanks to Matt Dick
Rhynchozoon ferocula Thanks to Matt Dick
Rhynchozoon splendens Thanks to Matt Dick
Micropora rimulata Thanks to Matt Dick
Parellisina albida Thanks to Matt Dick
Puellina harmeri Thanks to Matt Dick
Puellina septemcryptica Thanks to Matt Dick
Favosipora adunca Thanks to Matt Dick
Disporella compta Thanks to Matt Dick
Disporella pristis Thanks to Matt Dick

14th December 2009

Schizoporella japonica Thanks to Matt Dick
Stomachetosella decorata Thanks to Matt Dick
Tricellaria occidentalis Thanks to Matt Dick
Alderina flaventa Thanks to Matt Dick
Antropora minor Thanks to Matt Dick
Bryopesanser serratus Thanks to Matt Dick
Calyptotheca kapaaensis Thanks to Matt Dick

13th December 2009

Microporella trigonellata Thanks to Matt Dick
Hippoporella kurilensis Thanks to Matt Dick
Hippoporella multiavicularia Thanks to Matt Dick
Integripelta novella Thanks to Matt Dick
Myriozoella plana Thanks to Matt Dick
Pacificincola perforata Thanks to Matt Dick
Parasmittina avicularissima Thanks to Matt Dick
Raymondcia klugei Thanks to Matt Dick
Raymondcia rigida Thanks to Matt Dick
Parkermavella orientalis Thanks to Matt Dick
Phidolopora elongata Thanks to Matt Dick
Porella belli Thanks to Matt Dick

11th December 2009

Bugula pacifica Thanks to Matt Dick
Callopora craticula Thanks to Matt Dick
Callopora sarae Thanks to Matt Dick
Cauloramphus cryptoarmatus Thanks to Matt Dick
Bugula californica Thanks to Judith Winston and Eliza C. Winston
Hippoporina americana Thanks to Judith Winston and Eliza C. Winston
Reteporellina marsupiata Thanks to Judith Winston and Eliza C. Winston
Stenopsella fenestrata Thanks to Judith Winston and Eliza C. Winston
Hippaliosina rostrigera Thanks to Judith Winston and Eliza C. Winston
Celleporella hyalina Thanks to Matt Dick
Celleporina minima Thanks to Matt Dick
Celleporina nordenskjoldi Thanks to Matt Dick
Celleporina porosissima Thanks to Matt Dick
Cheilopora sincera Thanks to Matt Dick
Conopeum nakanosum Thanks to Matt Dick
Electra asiatica Thanks to Matt Dick
Einhornia korobokkura Thanks to Matt Dick
Cribrilina annulata Thanks to Matt Dick
Cryptosula zavjalovensis Thanks to Matt Dick
Fenestrulina orientalis Thanks to Matt Dick
Microporella luellae Thanks to Matt Dick

21st August 2009

Caberea helicina
At present, I am working through the database, cleaning up all species, year by year. At present, I am working on "1943" and working backwards.

30th June 2009

Leiosellina rostrifera
New genus Reussinella
Reussinella arctica
New genus Ijimaiellia
New genus Harpagozoon

24th November 2008

New genus Neuquenopora

1st July 2008 These images kindly provided by Dennis Gordon

Costaticella peltata
Terminocella perlucens
Strongylopora gracilis
Talivittaticella nuda
Bifaxaria submucronata
Bifaxaria compacta

24th May 2008 These images kindly provided by Paul Taylor

Pithodella cincta
Plagiosmittia regularis
Dimorphocellaria goldfussi
Vincularia fragilis
Periporosella tantilla
Bryopastor pentagonus
Vibracellina capillaria
Gaudryanella variabilis

24th May 2008

Jellyella tuberculata

18th March 2008

Samudraka karondiae

18th January 2008

New genus Primavelans
New genus Pinocladia
New genus Orbiramus
New genus Ibexella
New genus Kanoshopora

21st December 2007

New family Chiplonkarinidae
New family Mysticellidae
New genus Mysticella
New genus Geranopora

2nd December 2007

Hippomonavella praeclara

26th October 2007

New genus Amphibiobeania

4th June 2007

New genus Bonellina
New family Sfeniellidae
New genus Sfeniella
New genus Lutulentus
New genus Stylodefranciopora

28th March 2007

New genus Lakkella
New genus Cephaloalcyonidium
New genus Pseudobathyalozoon

25th March 2007

New genus Jifarahpora

10th March 2007

Schizosmittina vitrea

1st March 2007

Otionellina boneae
Selenaria kayae
Selenaria meganae

28th February 2007

New family Acoraniidae
New genus Acorania

19th February 2007

New genus Cystocladia

12th February 2007

New family Vidronovellidae
New genus Vidronovella

8th February 2007

New genus Junerossia

2nd February 2007

Phonicosia vandiemenensis.

30th January 2007

New genus Kristerina
New genus Pseudoallantopora
New genus Basslerinella
New genus Turnerella
New genus Peedeesella
New family Peedeesellidae
New genus Jullienipora

16th January 2007

Canda filifera Thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.
Cellaria punctata Thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.
Thalamoporella arabiensis Thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.
Calyptotheca wasinensis Thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.
Steginoporella magnilabris Thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.
Steginoporella triangularis Thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.
Iodictyum magniavicularis Thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.
Rhynchozoon haha Thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.
Triphyllozoon tenue Thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.

12th December 2006

Bugula flabellata
Celleporaria aperta

20th November 2006

New family Escharinidae
New family Torquatellidae
New genus Bryopesanser
New genus Calvipelta
New genus Costulostega
New genus Kermadecazoon
New genus Nigrapercula
New genus Predanophora

14th November 2006

Fenestrulina mutabilis
Celleporaria nodulosa

6th November 2006

New genus Bigeyella

8th September 2006

New genus Stoporatoma
Acerinucleus incudiferus

3rd September 2006

Costaticella benecostata
Costaticella hiulca
Catenicella hannafordi
Catenicella ringens
Mucropetraliella vultur

18th August 2006

Saevitella inermis (Thanks to Dennis Gordon)
New genus Septentriopora

13th June 2006

Drepanophora corrugata
Drepanophora incisor
Drepanophora indica
Drepanophora tuberculata
Drepanophora gutta
Celleporaria agglutinans
Escharoides angela

7th June 2006

Scanned copy of Stach, 1933, Victorian Tertiary Catenicellidae (Bryozoa). Part 1.
Scanned copy of Stach, 1934, Victorian Tertiary Catenicellidae (Bryozoa). Part 2.
Scanned copy of Stach, 1935, Victorian Tertiary Catenicellidae (Bryozoa). Part 3.

4th June 2006

Frurionella parvipora
Hincksipora spinulifera
Lepraliella contigua

26th May 2006

Escharoides falcifera
Mucropetraliella loculifera
Mucropetraliella thenardii
Klugerella musica
Membraniporella distans
Membraniporella skeletos

28th March 2006

Membraniporopsis bifloris
Membraniporopsis tubigera
New family Acanthoceramoporellidae
New family Fenestraporidae
New genus Aviculofenestella
New genus Ispanayella
New genus Lunofenestella
New genus Narynella
New genus Neohemitrypa
New genus Ogbinofenestella
New genus Paraptylopora
New genus Polycladiopora
New genus Crustoporella
New family Mishulgellidae
New genus Mishulgella

12th March 2006

Link to IBA Conference, 2007, Boone, First Circular

6th January 2006

New family: Colatooeciidae
New family: Foveolariidae
New family: Hippaliosinidae
New family: Trypostegidae
New genus Amplexicamera
New genus Callistopora
New genus Colatooecia
New genus Pourtalesella

8th January 2006

Calpidium ornatum

21st November 2005

Calloporina lunata

19th November 2005

Crisia tenuis

19th July 2005

Adeonella distenta (thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.)
Adeonella haywardii (thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.)

21st May 2005

Added copy of Cook, 1985 "Bryozoa from Ghana" with improved plates.

12th May 2005

Crassimarginatella similis
Membranipora arborescens
Poricella celleporoides
Poricella musaica
Poricella oranensis
Poricella perplexa
Poricella spathulata
Retevirgula caribbea
Tretosina moderna

28th April 2005

New genus Oshurkovia

15th April 2005

Omoiosia 'maorica' (thanks to Dennis Gordon & Paul Taylor.)
Pachycleithonia nigra (thanks to Dennis Gordon & Paul Taylor.)
Dr Claus Nielsen has kindly contributed detailed schematic drawings of the main anatomical features of a cheilostome and a cyclostome. The links to these files are in the introductory summary ("What is a Bryozoan?").

8th April 2005

Robertsonidra praecipua (thanks to Ann-Margret Amui.)
Caleschara lithconis
Caleschara minuta
Caleschara junctifera
Caleschara parva
Tretosina arcifera

7th April 2005

Posted Contents for "Bryozoan Studies 2004", the volume from the 2004 IBA conference.

1st April 2005

Obliquostoma dichotoma (thanks to Paul Taylor and Dennis Gordon.)
Pyriporella ameghinoi (thanks to Paul Taylor and Dennis Gordon.)

2nd March 2005

Celleporaria hastigera
Chaperia albispina

22nd February 2005

Batopora problematica
Lacrimula affinis
Exechonella papillata

5th February 2005

Cribellopora divisopora

24th January 2005

Beania crotali
Stolonella clausa
Nellia appendiculata
Calyptotheca variolosa

21st January 2005

Added Conescharellina magniarmata
Added Flabellopora umbonata
Added Trochosodon ampulla
Added new species Conescharellina cognata
Added new species Conescharellina diffusa
Added new species Conescharellina ecstasis
Added new species Conescharellina humerus
Added new species Conescharellina macgillivrayi
Added new species Conescharellina obscura
Added new species Conescharellina ocellata
Added new species Conescharellina perculta
Added new species Conescharellina plana
Added new species Conescharellina pustulosa
Added new species Conescharellina stellata
Added new species Crucescharellina australis
Added new species Trochosodon anomalus
Added new species Trochosodon aster
Added new species Trochosodon asymmetricus
Added new species Trochosodon diommatus
Added new species Trochosodon fecundus
Added new species Trochosodon praecox

Added copy of Busk (1884) - Challenger Expedition
Added digitised copy of Jelly (1889) - Synonymic Catalogue of Marine Bryozoa

18th October 2004

Added new genus Crockfordia
Added new genus Paramaychella
Moved Maychellinidae to trepostomes.
'Lunulites' rutella
Riscodopa biincisa

5th October 2004

Arachnopusia terminata
Costaticella latifrons
Orthoscuticella marginata
Pasythea laevigata
Pterocella elongata

31st August 2004

Tetraplaria immersa

19th August 2004

Escharina johnstoni
Margaretta cereoides
Tegella arctica

27th July 2004

Lunulites salebrosa
Lunulites transiens
Selenaria dentata
Selenaria hexagonalis
Selenaria watersi

19th July 2004

Added new genus: Synocladiella.

3rd July 2004

Added new genus: Tayloripora.
Added new genus: Otiochmella.
Added new genus: Babickella.
Added new genus: Costatimorpha.

28th June 2004

27th May 2004

24th May 2004

Added new genus: Nudicella.

18th May 2004

Added new genera: Distelopora, Gilbertopora and Unidistelopora

26th March 2004

Added new genera: Castellia and Idemonea

17th March 2004

10th February 2004

6th February 2004

29th January 2004

List of references and taxa have been added back to 1973

22nd December 2003

5th November 2003

Echinovadoma alacermatrix Thanks to Kev. Tilbrook.
Echinovadoma magnitorquata Thanks to Kev. Tilbrook.

27th October 2003

2nd September 2003

19th August 2003

Revised Home page, IBA Conference information, Added new links

17rd July 2003

Terataulopocella borealis (Thanks to Dr A. Rosso)

3rd June 2003

31st May 2003

Tornipora harvigensis (Thanks to T. Jürgensen for the images.)

12th March 2003

Hellerasca haywardi (Thanks to Dr D. Gordon)
Hemismittoidea corallinea (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Hemismittoidea osburni (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Smittoidea pacifica (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina alanbanneri (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina serrula (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina circularis (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina areolata (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina uncinata (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina parviuncinata (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina emersoni (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina marsupialis (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina leviavicularia (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina parsevaliformis (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina kauaiensis (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina hastingsae (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina raigiformis (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina ilioensis (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina trianguliforma (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Parasmittina dolabrata (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Smittina kukuiula (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Pleurocodonellina lahainae (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Metroperiella anatina (Thanks to Dr D. Soule)

26th December 2002

New genus: Gontarella
New genus: Integripelta
New genus: Zygopalme

4th December 2002

26th November 2002

30th October 2002

2nd September 2002

24th July 2002

18th June 2002

20th May 2002

Created files for Family Antroporidae (separated from Calloporidae)

2nd May 2002

25th March 2002

Zygolpalme crystallina (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Jugescharellina elongata (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Stomachetosella crassicollis (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Taenioporina arachnoidea (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Teichopora clavata (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Tenthrenulina dispar (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Thornelya ceylonica (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Tornipora canui (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Trematooecia turrita (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Tremotoichus rectifurcatum (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Tubucella mammillaris (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Umbonula ovicellata (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Vasignyella otophora (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Vibracella trapezoidea (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Villicharixa strigosa (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Vitrius insignis (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Vix vagans (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Wrigiana strepsis (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Xynexecha pulchra (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Yrbozoon ringens (provided by D.P.Gordon)

25th February 2002

Ramicosticella erratica (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Reginelloides stolonifera (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Rectoporina kulumurensis (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Retelepralia mosaica (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Reteporella flabellata (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Reussia regularis (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Richbunea incomposita (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Schizaropsis convexa (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Schizemiella claibornica (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Sclerodomus denticulatus (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Setosinella prolifica (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Smithsonius striatus (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Sphenella polymorpha (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Sphaerulobryozoon pedunculatum (provided by D.P.Gordon)
Stichoporina reussi (provided by D.P.Gordon)

6th February 2002

 Aberrodomus candidus (provided by D.P.Gordon)
 Dennisia eocenica (provided by D.P.Gordon)
 Diplonotos novus (provided by D.P.Gordon)
 Homalostega convexa (provided by D.P.Gordon)
 Triporula manica (provided by D.P.Gordon)
 Pseudoplatyglena mirabilis (provided by D.P.Gordon)
 Pseudosclerodomus reticulatus (provided by D.P.Gordon)
 Psilopsella uniseriata (provided by D.P.Gordon)
 Puncturiella gudumensis (provided by D.P.Gordon)
 Pyrichaperia pyriformis (provided by D.P.Gordon)
 Reciprocus regalis (provided by D.P.Gordon)

12th January 2002

Dennis Gordon (NIWA) has provided me with images from type species of a large number of cheilostome genera: some of these are scanned from original publications.

12th October 2001

5th October 2001

5th September 2001

24th August 2001

New family: Calescharidae

4th June 2001

7th April 2001

28th March 2001

16th February 2001

1st February 2001

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