Predanophora Tilbrook, 2006

Type species: Drepanophora longiuscula Harmer, 1957

Now considered a subjective junior synonym of Torquatella (Yang et al, 2018)

This genus includes the species:

  1. Predanophora ensenada
  2. Tilbrook, 2006 Recent Solomon Is. WoRMS 472102
  3. Predanophora longiuscula
  4. (Harmer, 1957) Recent Bay of Suez WoRMS 472101
  5. Predanophora nodulosa
  6. Winston & Jackson, 2021 Recent Caribbean Jamaica WoRMS 1516251

Reference: Tilbrook, K. J., 2006. Cheilostomatous Bryozoa from the Solomon Islands.
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Monographs 4 (Studies in Biodiversity Number 3) 4: 1-386.

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