Calescharidae Cook & Bock, 2001

The family includes the genera

Colony well calcified, encrusting to erect, adeoniform or fenestrate and bilaminar. Zooids with a large opesia, and a well developed cryptocyst, which may be produced proximally as a median process, forming paired 'opesiules', or as a denticle. Avicularia and spines absent. Brooding zooids large, with a dimorphic orifice, ovicell capsule endozooidal, very large, protruding into the cavity of the next distal zooid. (after Cook & Bock 2001)

Reference: Cook, Patricia L., & Bock, Philip E., 2001.
Calescharidae, a new family for the Tertiary to Recent genera Caleschara MacGillivray and Tretosina Canu & Bassler (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata).
Invertebrate Taxonomy, 15: 527-550.

[Caleschara denticulata] [Caleschara junctifera] [lithconis] [minuta]
Caleschara denticulata Caleschara junctifera Caleschara lithconis Caleschara minuta
[parva] [arcifera] [moderna]
Caleschara parva Tretosina arcifera Tretosina moderna

Caleschara mexicana at The Bryozoans of the Pacific

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