Diedropora Gordon & Taylor, 2015

Type species: Diedropora gravabilis Gordon & Taylor, 2015

Diagnosis: Colony encrusting. Zooids with umbonuloid frontal shield in which are regular small perforations. Orifices dimorphic, wider in female zooids, peristome transversely oval, primary orifice sunken, of similar shape, no condyles or oral spines. Avicularia paired or single, suborally adventitious. Ooecium recumbent, imperforate, opening within peristome above primary orifice.. (Gordon & Taylor, 2015)

This genus includes the species:

Diedropora gravabilis Gordon & Taylor, 2015 Paleogene Eocene Ypresian New Zealand Chatham Islands WoRMS 1401506
[Diedropora gravabilis]
Diedropora gravabilis
Thanks to D.P. Gordon, NIWA

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