Arbopercula Nikulina, 2010

Type species: Electra bengalensis Stoliczka, 1869

This genus includes the species:

  1. Arbopercula angulata
  2. (Levinsen, 1909) Recent Thailand, New Zealand (invasive) WoRMS 874817
  3. Arbopercula bengalensis
  4. (Stoliczka, 1869) Recent Indian Ocean, Queensland, West Africa WoRMS 580104
  5. Arbopercula devinensis
  6. (Robertson, 1921) Recent Indian Ocean - Bay of Bengal WoRMS 889336
  7. Arbopercula tenella
  8. (Hincks, 1880) Recent West Atlantic WoRMS 877091
[Small Arbopercula angulata] [Small Arbopercula bengalensis]
Arbopercula angulata Arbopercula bengalensis

Arbopercula bengalensis at NEMESIS (National Exotic Marine and Estuarine Species Information System)

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