Ehrhardina Martha & Taylor, 2016

Type species: Ehrhardina voigti Martha & Taylor, 2016

Diagnosis: Colony encrusting, multiserial, multilaminar. Autozooids arranged in well-defined longitudinal rows. Opesia terminal, occupying up to half of the frontal surface, usually with symmetrical, proximolateral opesiular constrictions and with long, proximolateral opesiular indentations. Gymnocyst lacking or negligible in extent. Cryptocyst well-developed, finely pustulose. Zooidal margins elevated. Spine bases lacking. Ovicells hyperstomial, gymnocystal, ectooecium fully calcified, indenting the cryptocyst of the distal autozooid, with a median suture. Avicularia present, common, interzooidal, bilaterally symmetrical, rostrum usually rounded. Kenozooids absent. (Martha & Taylor, 2016)

This genus includes the species:

  1. Ehrhardina pikeae
  2. Martha & Taylor, 2016 Late Cretaceous Cenomanian Germany WoRMS 1401759
  3. Ehrhardina voigti
  4. Martha & Taylor, 2016 Late Cretaceous Cenomanian England also France WoRMS 1401760

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