Vincularia fragilis Defrance, 1829

Vincularia fragilis is recorded from the Eocene, near Paris, France. The specimen illustrated is from the Canu collection, from the Cretaceous of France, and the identification is provisional. Thanks to Dr Paul Taylor for the images.

However, Björn Berning says that this Cretaceous material is a different genus from the original Eocene material.

[Vincularia fragilis] [Vincularia fragilis]
[Vincularia fragilis] [Vincularia fragilis]
[Vincularia fragilis]

Original description: Vincularia fragilis Defrance, 1829
Type specimen:

Thanks to Björn Berning for corrections!

The extract below is from Cheetham (1966). Cheilostomatous Polyzoa from the Upper Bracklesham Beds (Eocene) of Sussex. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) (Geology) 13: p.53-54.

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