Cladobryopastor Gordon & Taylor, 2015

Type species: Cladobryopastor philipi Gordon & Taylor, 2015

Diagnosis: Colony erect, slender, flattened and lensoidal in cross section, branching dichotomously in one plane. Autozooids with relatively large opesia surrounded by inwardly sloping cryptocyst that is wider proximally. A pair of deep muscle recesses in the lower part of the interior distal wall. No gymnocyst. No spines or ovicells. Small adventitious avicularia present between autozooids proximally. (Gordon & Taylor, 2015)

This genus includes the species:

Cladobryopastor philipi Gordon & Taylor, 2015 Paleogene Eocene Ypresian New Zealand Chatham Islands WoRMS 1400854

[Cladobryopastor philipi]
Cladobryopastor philipi
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon & Paul Taylor)

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