Tumaiella Gordon & Taylor, 2015

Type species: Tumaiella dieffenbachi Gordon & Taylor, 2015

Diagnosis: Colony encrusting, zooids low-profiled, opesia proportionately large, occupying most of frontal area, bordered by narrow cryptocyst; no gymnocyst. Ooecium wider than long, low-profiled, smooth with no endooecial exposure. Oral-spine bases few, marginal, not oral. No avicularia. Adventitious kenozooids occasional at proximal corners of zooids. Basal pore-chambers present. Ancestrula tatiform but lacking periopesial spine bases.. (Gordon & Taylor, 2015)

This genus includes the species:

Tumaiella dieffenbachi Gordon & Taylor, 2015 Paleogene Eocene Ypresian New Zealand Chatham Islands WoRMS 1409551

[Tumaiella dieffenbachi]
Tumaiella dieffenbachi
Thanks to D.P. Gordon, NIWA

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