Calloporidae Norman, 1903

Synonyms Author
Alderinidae Canu & Bassler, 1925
Allantoporidae Vigneaux, 1949
Ellisinidridae Vigneaux, 1949
Ellisininae Vigneaux, 1949
Ogivalininae Vigneaux, 1949
Tegellidae Vigneaux, 1949

Colonies generally encrusting laminar sheets, rarely erect. Zooids often with extensive gymnocyst, an oval area including a cryptocyst which varies from minimal to extensive. Spines marginal to area absent or present, and may arch over the frontal membrane forming a protective cover. Interzooidal communication by septular pores or through pore-chambers. Avicularia variable in frequency and type: absent in some species, adventitious, interzooecial or vicarious in others. Ovicells range widely from barely detectable caps to prominent hyperstomial types.

This family includes the genera:

  1. Acanthobaktron (now in Family Cribrilinidae)
  2. Acanthoporella
  3. Acanthoporidra
  4. Adenifera
  5. Akatopora (now in Family Akatoporidae)
  6. Alderina
  7. Allantocallopora
  8. Allantopora
  9. Ammatophora
  10. Amphiblestrum
  11. Antropora (now in Family Antroporidae)
  12. Apiophragma
  13. Aplousina
  14. Aviculamphiblestrum (subgenus of Amphiblestrum)
  15. Barrosia
  16. Berthelsenia
  17. Biaviculigera
  18. Bidenkapia
  19. Bonellina
  20. Bryobrownius
  21. Bryocalyx
  22. Callistopora (now in Family Cribrilinidae)
  23. Callopora
  24. Cauloramphus
  25. Cavalliella
  26. Clavodesia
  27. Concertina
  28. Copidozoum
  29. Corbulella
  30. Cranosina
  31. Crassicellepora
  32. Crassimarginatella
  33. Cymulopora (Now placed in Cymuloporidae)
  34. Dactylostega (Now placed in Foveolariidae)
  35. Daisyella: See Pyriporoides
  36. Dermatopora
  37. Dionella
  38. Distelopora
  39. Doryporella (now in Family Doryporellidae)
  40. Doryporellina (now in Family Doryporellidae)
  41. Ellisina
  42. Folkeborgia - See Gregarinidra
  43. Filiflustrella. See Bactrellaria
  44. Filiflustrina
  45. Flustrellaria
  46. Foratella
  47. Foveolaria (Now Foveolariidae)
  48. Gilbertopora
  49. Glenelgia
  50. Hapsidopora
  51. Hemiseptella
  52. Kenoaplousina
  53. Kristerina
  54. Kunradocella
  55. Lamourouxia
  56. Lateroflustrella Now in Antroporidae
  57. Leptinatella
  58. Marginaria
  59. Marssonopora
  60. Megapora (now in Family Pyrisinellidae)
  61. Membraniporidra
  62. Mystriopora
  63. Odontionella (now in Family Foveolariidae)
  64. Ogivalina
  65. Olisthella
  66. Onychoblestrum
  67. Ornatella
  68. Pachybaktropora
  69. Parantropora (now in Family Antroporidae)
  70. Parellisina
  71. Periporosella
  72. Pithodella
  73. Planicellaria
  74. Platypyxis
  75. Pseudoallantopora
  76. Punctocellaria
  77. Pyriflustrina
  78. Pyriporella
  79. Pyriporoides
  80. Ramphonotus
  81. Recapitulator
  82. Reptoflustrella
  83. Reptoporina
  84. Retevirgula
  85. Semiflustrella
  86. Semiflustrina
  87. Septentriopora
  88. Setosinella (in Microporidae)
  89. Solenophragma
  90. Stamenocella
  91. Tegella
  92. Tremogasterina
  93. Treptopora
  94. Tumaiella
  95. Tylopora
  96. Tyloporella
  97. Unidistelopora
  98. Valdemunitella
  99. Wilbertopora
  100. Xylochotridens

This large diverse grouping almost certainly needs further subdivision.

Acanthoporidra angusta Adenifera armata [Alderina flaventa] [Alderina imbellis]
Acanthoporidra angusta
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Adenifera armata Alderina flaventa Alderina imbellis
[Amphiblestrum lyrulatum] [Aplousina gigantea] Callopora craticula Callopora sarae
Amphiblestrum lyrulatum Aplousina gigantea Callopora craticula
(Matt Dick)
Callopora sarae
(Matt Dick)
Cauloramphus cryptoarmatus Cauloramphus magnus Cavalliella linearis Corbulella corbula
Cauloramphus cryptoarmatus
(Matt Dick)
Cauloramphus magnus
(Andrew Grischenko photo)
Cavalliella linearis Corbulella corbula
Corbulella gibba Crassicellepora voigti Crassimarginatella extenuata Crassimarginatella papulifera
Corbulella gibba Crassicellepora voigti
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Crassimarginatella extenuata
(Thanks to Matt Dick)
Crassimarginatella papulifera
Crassimarginatella sculpta Crassimarginatella similis Ellisina sericea image [Leptinatella gordoni]
Crassimarginatella sculpta Crassimarginatella similis Ellisina sericea Leptinatella gordoni
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
[Membraniporidra porrecta] [Onychoblestrum propinquum] [Onychoblestrum hastingsae] [Parellisina albida]
Membraniporidra porrecta
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Onychoblestrum propinquum Onychoblestrum hastingsae
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Parellisina albida
[Parellisina falcata] Periporosella tantilla Pithodella cincta [Pyriporella ameghinoi]
Parellisina falcata Periporosella tantilla
(Thanks to Dr Paul Taylor)
Pithodella cincta
(Thanks to Dr Paul Taylor)
Pyriporella ameghinoi
(thanks to Paul Taylor and Dennis Gordon.)
Pyriporoides circularis [Recapitulator mirus] [Retevirgula caribbea] [Retevirgula sejuncta]
Pyriporoides circularis
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Recapitulator mirus Retevirgula caribbea Retevirgula sejuncta
[Setosinella prolifica] [Tegella aquilirostris] [Tegella arctica] [Tegella horrida]
Setosinella prolifica
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Tegella aquilirostris
(Thanks to Matt Dick)
Tegella arctica Tegella horrida
(Thanks to Matt Dick)
[Tegella japonica] [Tumaiella dieffenbachi] [Valdemunitella pyrula]
Tegella japonica
(Andrew Grischenko photo)
Tumaiella dieffenbachi
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Valdemunitella pyrula

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