Cribrilinidae Hincks, 1879

Colony encrusting or erect. Frontal wall with extensive area of frontal membrane, almost entirely concealed by a shield of calcified hollow flattened spines, merging as a costal area, with openings between the spines for the passage of water from the epistegal space beneath the shield. Pseudopores may be present on the costal spines. Gymnocyst extensive to absent. The primary orifice is uncalcified; the opening in the frontal shield is a secondary calcified orifice, its appearance variable, depending on the development of the distal pair of costal spines. Oral spines present in some forms. Avicularia adventitious, or interzooidal to vicarious, or absent. Ovicells hyperstomial, prominent; with smooth calcification or with varying types of windows in the ectooecium, or with pseudopores.

The great variety of Cretaceous cribrimorphs have been subdivided, by Lang (1916, 1922), into at least 11 other families, with several subfamilies. Until a modern revision is attempted, these are all included here into the family Cribrilinidae. These families are:

The family Cribrilinidae sensu lato includes the genera:

  1. Abdomenopora
  2. Acanthobaktron
  3. Aeolopora
  4. Anaptopora
  5. Anaskopora
  6. Andriopora
  7. Angelopora
  8. Anornithopora
  9. Anotopora
  10. Antoniettella
  11. Argopora
  12. Ascancestor
  13. Auchenopora
  14. Baptopora
  15. Batrachopora
  16. Bellulopora (Now in separate family Belluloporidae)
  17. Braikovia
  18. Callistopora
  19. Calpidopora
  20. Canupora
  21. Carydiopora
  22. Castanopora
  23. Castanoporina
  24. Cillia
  25. Cinclidia
  26. Coelopora
  27. Collarina
  28. Confusocella
  29. Corbulipora
  30. Corbuliporina
  31. Corymboporella
  32. Costula
  33. Craticulacella
  34. Cribralaria
  35. Cribrendoecium
  36. Cribrilaria
  37. Cribrilina
  38. Ctenopora
  39. Decurtaria
  40. Dendroperistoma
  41. Diacanthopora
  42. Diancopora
  43. Diceratopora
  44. Dishelopora
  45. Distansescharella
  46. Disteginopora
  47. Eucheilopora
  48. Fehiborypora
  49. Figularia
  50. Filaguria
  51. Francopora
  52. Geisopora
  53. Gephyrotes
  54. Glabrilaria
  55. Gordoniella
  56. Graptoporella
  57. Haplocephalopora
  58. Hayamiellina
  59. Hesperopora
  60. Hexacanthopora
  61. Hippiopora
  62. Holostegopora
  63. Hybopora
  64. Hystricopora
  65. Ichnopora
  66. Inferusia
  67. Inversiscaphos
  68. Jolietina
  69. Jullienula
  70. Cribrilina (Juxtacribrilina)
  71. Kankopora
  72. Kelestoma
  73. Keratostoma
  74. Klugerella
  75. Lagynopora
  76. Lepralina
  77. Leptocheilopora
  78. Membraniporella
  79. Metracolposa
  80. Monoceratopora
  81. Morphasmopora
  82. Multescharipora
  83. Mumiella
  84. Murinopsia
  85. Myagropora
  86. Nannopora
  87. Oligotopora
  88. Opisthornithopora
  89. Otopora
  90. Pachydera
  91. Pancheilopora
  92. Parafigularia
  93. Pelmatopora
  94. Phractoporella
  95. Phrynopora
  96. Pleuroschizella
  97. Pliophloea
  98. Pnictopora
  99. Polycephalopora
  100. Polyceratopora
  101. Prodromopora = Lagynopora
  102. Prosotopora
  103. Puellina
  104. Reginella
  105. Reginelloides
  106. Reptescharella
  107. Reptescharipora
  108. Reptoporella
  109. Rhabdopora
  110. Rhacheopora
  111. Rhiniopora
  112. Rosulapelta
  113. Sandalopora
  114. Schistacanthopora
  115. Semiescharipora
  116. Spiniflabellum
  117. Steginopora
  118. Stichocados
  119. Taractopora
  120. Thoracopora
  121. Tricephalopora
  122. Turnerellina
  123. Ubaghsia
  124. Vavropora
  125. Vicariopora
[Anaskopora cornuta] [Anaskopora doliaris] [Anaskopora elevata] [Anaskopora mesa]
Anaskopora cornuta Anaskopora doliaris Anaskopora elevata Anaskopora mesa
[Anaskopora parkeri] Ascancestor bretoni Confusocella dendroidea Corbulipora inopinata
Anaskopora parkeri Ascancestor bretoni
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Confusocella dendroidea
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Corbulipora inopinata
Corbulipora ornata Corbulipora suggerens Corbulipora tubulifera Cribralaria curvirostris
Corbulipora ornata Corbulipora suggerens Corbulipora tubulifera Cribralaria curvirostris
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
[Cribrilina annulata] [Cribrilina corbicula] [Decurtaria cornuta] [Figularia figularis]
Cribrilina annulata
(Thanks to Matt Dick)
Cribrilina corbicula
(Thanks to Matt Dick)
Decurtaria cornuta
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Figularia figularis
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
[Figularia tenuicosta] [Inversiscaphos setifer] [Jolietina latimarginata] [Klugerella antarctica]
Figularia tenuicosta Inversiscaphos setifer
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Jolietina latimarginata
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Klugerella antarctica
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
[Klugerella musica] [Membraniporella distans] [Membraniporella skeletos] [Metracolposa robusta]
Klugerella musica
(thanks to Dennis Gordon)
Membraniporella distans Membraniporella skeletos
(thanks to Dennis Gordon)
Metracolposa robusta
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
[Pnictopora suffocata] [Puellina caesia] [Puellina harmeri] [Puellina septemcryptica]
Pnictopora suffocata
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Puellina caesia
(thanks to Matt Dick)
Puellina harmeri Puellina septemcryptica
[Reginelloides stolonifera]
Reginelloides stolonifera
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)

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