Platypyxis De Blauwe & Gordon, 2014

Type species: Membranipora inconstantia Kluge, 1914

This genus includes the species:

Colony encrusting, multiserial. Autozooids large with large opesia, cryptocyst very narrow, confined to opesial rim, granular; gymnocyst negligible or slightly developed proximally. No spines. Subvicarious to interzooidal avicularia present, cross bar absent. Ooecium with narrow peripheral calcified ectooecium and a relatively large frontal area of membranous ectooecium over an exposure endooecium. Interzooidal communications via multiporous mural septula. (De Blauwe & Gordon, 2014)

  1. Platypyxis inconstantia
  2. (Kluge, 1914) Recent Antarctic - Weddell Sea WoRMS 768217
  3. Platypyxis weddellensis
  4. De Blauwe & Gordon, 2014 Recent Antarctic - Weddell Sea WoRMS 768221

[Platypyxis weddellensis]
Platypyxis weddellensis

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