Otionellidae Bock & Cook, 1998

Colonies lunulitiform, free-living, domed or discoid, often solid basally. All calcified walls interior, basal coelom present, or inferred to have been present in fossil species. Autozooids in communication with each other and the basal coelom through septular pores. Autozooids with subtriangular to rounded opesia, cryptocyst distinct. Avicularia interzooidal to vicarious, often asymmetric distally, with an open opesia or extensive cryptocyst denticles, sometimes fused to form a porous lamina. Condyles paired, often fused; mandibles elongated and serrated, or paddle-shaped. Brooding zooids with enlarged opesia known in some genera, skeletally distinct male zooids unknown. (Bock & Cook, 1998)

This family includes the genera

  1. Helixotionella
  2. Kausiaria
  3. Otiochmella
  4. Otionella
  5. Otionellina
  6. Petasosella
[Helixotionella scutata] [Helixotionella spiralis] [Kausiaria jamesi] [Kausiaria magna ]
Helixotionella scutata Helixotionella spiralis Kausiaria jamesi Kausiaria magna
[Otionella parvula] [Otionella perforata] [Otionella tuberosa] [Otionellina ampla]
Otionella parvula Otionella perforata Otionella tuberosa Otionellina ampla
[Otionellina australis] [Otionellina boneae] [Otionellina cupola] [Otionellina paradoxa]
Otionellina australis Otionellina boneae Otionellina cupola Otionellina paradoxa
[Otionellina squamosa] [Otiochmella discoida] [Petasosella alata] [Petasosella lata]
Otionellina squamosa Otiochmella discoida Petasosella alata Petasosella lata
[Petasosella magnipunctata] [Petasosella margaretta] [Petasosella moderna] [Petasosella parkeri]
Petasosella magnipunctata Petasosella margaretta Petasosella moderna Petasosella parkeri

Reference: Bock, P.E. & Cook, P.L., 1998. Otionellidae, a new family including five genera of free-living lunulitiform Bryozoa (Cheilostomatida). Memorie di Scienze Geologiche 50: 195-211.

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