Kausiaria Bock & Cook, 1998

Type species: Kausiaria jamesi Bock & Cook, 1998

Colonies apparently without substratum; ancestrula large, with a radially budded periancestrular ring of 6 primary autozooids, each alternating with a small, disto-lateral avicularium. Subsequent budding radial or a combination of curved, spiral and radial series. Basal surface with some sector boundaries and numerous large pores. Autozooids large, with thick, granular cryptocyst, wider proximo-laterally, opesia elongated oval to subtriangular. One distal and two to three lateral large communication pores. Avicularia small, alternating with autozooids, sometimes in disto-laterally budded pairs, asymmetries in opposing directions. Condyles paired, opesia small, rounded, margin serrated, cryptocyst distinct proximally. (Bock & Cook, 998)

This genus includes the species:

Kausiaria jamesi Bock & Cook, 1998 Tertiary (U. Eocene, Miocene) Australia (Vic.) WoRMS 1404327
Kausiaria magna Bock & Cook, 1998 Tertiary (U. Eocene) Australia (Vic.) WoRMS 1404328
[Small Kausiaria jamesi image] [Small Kausiaria magna image]
Kausiaria jamesi Kausiaria magna

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