Bryozoa - Taxa for 1898

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1897 1899
Flabellaris Waters, 1898    
Caloporella cordata Maplestone, 1898
Caloporella dendrina Maplestone, 1898
Caloporella enormis Maplestone, 1898
Caloporella grandis Maplestone, 1898
Caloporella maculata Maplestone, 1898
Caloporella rostrata Maplestone, 1898
Calpidium morningtoniensis Maplestone, 1898
Catenicella elegantissima Maplestone, 1898
Catenicella macgillivrayi Maplestone, 1898
Catenicella orbicularis Maplestone, 1898
Catenicella spenceri Maplestone, 1898
Chaperia annulus bilaminata Waters, 1898
Diastopora gregoryi Canu, 1898
Diastopora reussi Canu, 1898
Fenestella arkonensis Whiteaves, 1898
Fenestella kungurensis Stuckenberg, 1898
Fenestella kungurensis Stuckenberg, 1898
Fenestella nicholsoni Whiteaves, 1898
Fenestella? umbrosa Whidborne, 1898
Filisparsa cenomana Canu, 1898
Heteropora harmeri Canu, 1898
Lagenosypho permianum Spandel, 1898
Membranipora bursaria phillipensis Waters, 1898
Membranipora californiensis Waters, 1898
Membranipora capriensis Waters, 1898
Membranipora elizabethiensis Waters, 1898
Membranipora incrustans Waters, 1898
Membranipora maderensis Waters, 1898
Membranipora sculpta cucullata Waters, 1898
Membranipora tehuelcha intertuberculata Waters, 1898
Microporella plana Neviani, 1898
Penniretepora virgata Whidborne, 1898
Porella tridentata Pratt, 1898
Rhombopora ambigua Katzer, 1898
Scalaripora canadensis Whiteaves, 1898
Schizoporella melii miocenica Neviani, 1898
Schizoporellopsis abnormis Maplestone, 1898
Strophipora bellis Maplestone, 1898
Thamniscus giganteus Paalzow, 1898
Tubulipora aperta Harmer, 1898
Tubulipora plumosa Thompson in Harmer, 1898
Vibracella seguenzai Neviani, 1898
1897 1899

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