Bryozoa - Taxa for 1897

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1896 1898
Amorphotrypa Whidbourne, 1897    
Alecto simplex J. Y. Johnson, 1897
Berenicea reussi Parona & Bonarelli, 1897
Berenicea striata reussi Parona & Bonarelli, 1897
Cea tuberculata Canu, 1897
Costazia celleporina de Angelis d'Ossat & Neviani, 1897
Diastopora catillus J. Y. Johnson, 1897
Diastopora pulchella J. Y. Johnson, 1897
Flustra spitzbergensis Bidenkap, 1897
Frondipora maderensis J. Y. Johnson, 1897
Lichenopora spinata J. Y. Johnson, 1897
Membranipora janieresiensis Canu, 1897
Membranipora spitzbergensis Bidkenkap, 1897
Mesenteripora meandrina Canu, 1897
Mesotrypa selkirkensis Whiteaves, 1897
Osthimosia lovisatoi de Angelis d'Ossat & Neviani, 1897
Porella elegantula palmata Bidenkap, 1897
Prismopora subtriqueta Simpson, 1897
Radiopora irregularis J. Y. Johnson, 1897
Reteporella undulata Simpson, 1897
Rhinidictya obliqua Whiteaves, 1897
Rhinopora prima Whitfield, 1897
Stomatopora canadensis Whiteaves, 1897
Thamnicella ascuta Simpson, 1897
1896 1898

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