Bryozoa - Taxa for 1896

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1895 1897
Cyclotrypa Ulrich, 1896    
Actinopora diplopora alta Gregory, 1896
Bactridium calabrum Neviani, 1896
Berenicea coartata Gregory, 1896
Berenicea parvitubulata Gregory, 1896
Berenicea portlandica Gregory, 1896
Berenicea sauvagei Gregory, 1896
Berenicea striata discoidea Gregory, 1896
Ceriocava laxata Gregory, 1896
Haplooecia irregulare Gregory, 1896
Heteropora laminata Gregory, 1896
Heteropora oviformis Gregory, 1896
Hippoporina circumcincta Neviani, 1896
Hippoporina spilingae Neviani, 1896
Microporella manzonii Neviani, 1896
Monticulipora subcylindrica James, 1896
Multiclausa haimei Gregory, 1896
Multiclausa jellyae Gregory, 1896
Onychocella hagenowi Gregory, 1896
Retepora pignatarii Neviani, 1896
Rhabdomeson? distans Whidborne, 1896
Scrupocellaria incurvata Waters, 1896
Smittia koehleri Calvet, 1896
Smittia lineata Nordgaard, 1896
Spirillopora anguillata Guerich, 1896
Streblotrypa gregorii Whidborne, 1896
Theonoa michelini Gregory, 1896
1895 1897

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