Bryozoa - Taxa for 1857

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1856 1858
Buskia Alder, 1857    
Alcyonidium albidum Alder, 1857
Alcyonidium hexagonum Hincks, 1857
Alcyonidium mamillatum Alder, 1857
Bugula turbinata Alder, 1857
Cellepora depressa Tuomey & Holmes, 1857
Cellepora formosa Tuomey & Holmes, 1857
Cellepora radiata Tuomey & Holmes, 1857
Cellepora tesselata Tuomey & Holmes, 1857
Crisia occidentalis Trask, 1857
Crisidia gracilis Trask, 1857
Farrella pedicellata Alder, 1857
Fenestella (Archimedes) laxa Hall, 1857
Fenestella (Archimedes) meekana Hall, 1857
Fenestella (Archimedes) owenana Hall, 1857
Fenestella (Archimedes) swallovanus Hall, 1857
Fenestella (Archimedes) wortheni Hall, 1857
Fenestella (Lyropora) lyra Hall, 1857
Fenestella (Lyropora) quincuncialis Hall, 1857
Fenestella (Lyropora) subquadrans Hall, 1857
Fenestella colonus [sic] Meneghini, 1857
Fenestella exilis Eichwald, 1857
Lepralia thyreophora Busk, 1857
Membranipora hexagonalis Michelotti, 1857
Membranipora lacinia Tuomey & Holmes, 1857
Membranipora pouilletii Alder, 1857
Menipea occidentalis Trask, 1857
Scruparia clavata Hincks, 1857
Scrupocellaria californica Trask, 1857
1856 1858

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