Bryozoa - Taxa for 1858

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1857 1859
Brettia Dyster, 1858    
Archimedes reversa [sic] Hall, 1858
Brettia pellucida Dyster, 1858
Bugula ditrupae Busk, 1858
Bugula gracilis Busk, 1858
Bullopora rostrata Quenstedt, 1858
Callopora punctata Hall, 1858
Calwellia bicornis Wyville Thomson, 1858
Catenicella alata Wyville Thomson, 1858
Catenicella buskii Wyville Thomson, 1858
Catenicella castanea Wyville Thomson, 1858
Catenicella crystallina Wyville Thomson, 1858
Catenicella dawsoni Wyville Thomson, 1858
Catenicella geminata Wyville Thomson, 1858
Catenicella harveyi Wyville Thomson, 1858
Cellepora orbiculata ornati Quenstedt, 1858
Ceriopora angulosa cellata Quenstedt, 1858
Ceriopora angulosa porata Quenstedt, 1858
Ceriopora compacta Quenstedt, 1858
Ceriopora compacta interradiata Quenstedt, 1858
Ceriopora compacta radiata Quenstedt, 1858
Coscinium keyserlingi Prout, 1858
Cothurnicella daedala Wyville Thomson, 1858
Crisia ornithorhynchus Wyville Thomson, 1858
Cristatella idae Leidy, 1858
Eschara? concentrica Prout, 1858
Eschara? tuberculata Prout, 1858
Fenestella intermedia Prout, 1858
Fenestella norwoodiana Prout, 1858
Fenestella plumosa Prout, 1858
Fenestella popeana Prout, 1858
Fenestella shumardii Prout, 1858
Fenestella subretiformis Prout, 1858
Fenestella trituberculata Prout, 1858
Fenestella variabilis Prout, 1858
Fenestralia st. ludovici [sic] Prout, 1858
Flustrella rhodani Pictet & Renevier, 1858
Heliolites dubia Schmidt, 1858
Hislopia lacustris Carter, 1858
Huxleya fragilis Dyster, 1858
Lepralia distoma Busk, 1858
Lepralia sceletos Busk, 1858
Lunulites oblongus Emmons, 1858
Membranipora antiqua Busk, 1858
Membranipora trichophora Busk, 1858
Menipea buskii Wyville Thomson, 1858
Menipea cyathus Wyville Thomson, 1858
Nellia johnstoni Busk, 1858
Nellia johnstoni Busk, 1858
Nodicrescis anomalopora Ubaghs, 1858
Polypora intermedia Prout, 1858
Polypora mexicana Prout, 1858
Polypora shumardii Prout, 1858
Polypora tuberculata Prout, 1858
Polypora varsoviensis Prout, 1858
Ptilopora prouti Hall, 1858
Scrupocellaria ornithorhynchus Wyville Thomson, 1858
Stellocavea bipartita Ubaghs, 1858
Stellocavea trifiliformis Ubaghs, 1858
Synocladia biserialis Swallow, 1858
Tetrapora suevica Quenstedt, 1858
1857 1859

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