Bryozoa - Taxa for 1856

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1855 1857
Busk, 1856    
Alysidota alderi Busk, 1856
Buskia nitens Alder, 1856
Cellepora papillaeformis Busk, 1856
Defrancia intricata Busk, 1856
Eschara rosacea Busk, 1856
Eschara saccata Busk, 1856
Eschara skenei tridens Busk, 1856
Eschara teres Busk, 1856
Farrella gigantea Busk, 1856
Fenestella bifurcata Roemer, 1856
Fenestella tubulipora Roemer, 1856
Lepralia atrofusca Busk, 1856
Lepralia californica Busk, 1856
Lepralia fissa Busk, 1856
Lepralia hippocrepis Busk, 1856
Lepralia humilis Busk, 1856
Lepralia lata Busk, 1856
Lepralia mazatlantica Busk, 1856
Lepralia pallasiana armata Busk, 1856
Lepralia ringens Busk, 1856
Lepralia rostrata Busk, 1856
Membranipora craticula Alder, 1856
Membranipora denticulata Busk, 1856
Membranipora gothica Busk, 1856
Membranipora hexagona Busk, 1856
Plumatella repens alpha Allman, 1856
Plumatella repens beta Allman, 1856
Polypora laxa Sandberger & Sandberger, 1856
Polypora striatella Sandberger & Sandberger, 1856
Trematopora colliculata Eichwald, 1856
1855 1857

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