The International Bryozoology Association
celebrates its golden anniversary

27 May 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the International Bryozoology Association. It was founded in Stockholm at a meeting convened by Alan Cheetham and attended by twenty delegates (see A.H. Cheetham 2002, Annals of Bryozoology, pp. 45‐57). From this small but significant beginning the IBA has grown and now boasts a membership of over 250. Next year it will meet in Melbourne for its 17th international conference, and to date twelve Larwood and five AustraLarwood symposia have taken place in Europe and Australia/New Zealand respectively.

The IBA has been highly successful in fostering greater collaboration among bryozoan specialists and enthusiasts, and through its conference volumes and elsewhere has made available a considerable volume of bryozoological research.

No doubt the next 50 years will see continued friendship, research and productivity.