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About The IBA

Brief History of the International Bryozoology Association

This organisation was formed by a small group back in 1968 to encourage research and promote an exchange of ideas on the Bryozoa. Since its foundation it has grown into an association numbering some 200 members world-wide, and covering both the fields of palaeontology and zoology.

Every three years the IBA runs an international conference from which papers are published as a proceedings volume. These books have become definitive works within the field of bryozoology owing to the scope and strength in depth of the articles.

View the Constitution for the IBA

Objectives of the IBA

The objectives of the International Bryozoology Association are:

Any individual who supports the objectives of the I.B.A. and is willing to contribute to the achievement of those objectives is qualified for membership.


As a member of the IBA you will:

If you would like to join the IBA, please fill in an application form on the membership page

IBA Council 2013-2016


Patrick Wyse-Jackson


Timothy Wood


Abigail M. Smith
Department of Marine Science
University of Otago
PO Box 56, Dunedin
New Zealand
contact: abby.smithsymbolotago.ac.nz

IBA Secretary & Newsletter Editor

Catherine Reid
Senior Lecturere Palaeontology
Deputy HOD (Academic)
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140, New Zealand
contact: catherine.reidsymbolcanterbury.ac.nz

IBA Council Members 2007-2013

Lais Ramalho
Caroline Buttler
Ariunchimeg Yarinpil
Kamil Zagorsek
Andrei Ernst
Scott Lidgard

IBA Council Members 2010-2016

Andrea Waeschenbach
Masato Hirose
Maja Novosel
Björn Berning
Pierre Moissette,
Piotr Kuklinsky

IBA Council Members 2013-2019

Hans de Blauwe
Nina Denisenko
Oscar Reverter-Gil
Consuelo Sendino
Leandro Vieira
Mark Wilson

Current IBA Members

A membership list can be found here