Watersiporidae Vigneaux, 1949

The family includes the genera

  1. Pachycleithonia. Now Watersipora.
  2. Terwasipora
  3. Uscia
  4. Veleroa
  5. Watersipora
Watersipora nigra
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon & Paul Taylor)
Watersipora arcuata Watersipora subatra (formerly W. subtorquata)

Watersipora subtorquata by Peter J. Bryant - at Natural History of Orange County.

Watersipora page at NMITA

Watersipora subovoidea - at the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce, Florida.

Watersipora grandis - at Natural History Museum, London..

Watersipora subtorquata - from San Francisco, at the California Academy of Sciences.

Watersipora subtorquata - from the California Biota Website.

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