Pachydermopora Gordon, 2002

Type species: Porina pachyderma Marsson, 1887

Diagnosis: Colony erect, bilamellar, branching. Thickly calcified, zooidal boundaries not frontally evident, the surface densely dimpled. Zooidal peristomes arranged quincuncially, associated with one or more adventitious avicularia with crossbars. Larger spatulate avicularia also present. A single proximal spiraminal pore proximal to orifice, small, non-projecting, opening into umbonuloid shield proximal to base of peristomial shaft. In older parts of colonies peristomes and avicularia concealed by secondary calcification, forming nodularities. (Gordon, 2002)

This genus includes the species:

  1. Pachydermopora grodnoensis
  2. Koromyslova & Pakhnevich, 2016 Late Cretaceous Campanian Belarus WoRMS 1406113
  3. Pachydermopora pachyderma
  4. (Marsson, 1887) Late Cretaceous Maastrichtian Germany WoRMS 1412666

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