Petraliidae Levinsen, 1909

The Family Petraliellidae has now been combined with the Petraliidae (Cook, Bock, Hayward & Gordon, 2018).

The family includes the genera:

  1. Mobunula
  2. Mucropetraliella
  3. Orbiculipora
  4. Petralia
  5. Petraliella
  6. Poripetraliella see Mucropetraliella
  7. Riscodopa
  8. Serripetraliella see Petraliella
  9. Sinupetraliella
  10. Utinga
Mobunula bicuspis [Mucropetraliella ellerii] [Mucropetraliella halei] [Mucropetraliella loculifera]
Mobunula bicuspis Mucropetraliella ellerii
(Colour photo also available)
Mucropetraliella halei
Mucropetraliella nodulosa
[Mucropetraliella nodulosa] [Mucropetraliella thenardii] [Mucropetraliella vultur] [Petralia ingens]
Mucropetraliella loculifera Mucropetraliella thenardii Mucropetraliella vultur Petralia ingens
[Petralia livingstonei] [Petralia undata] [Petraliella concinna] [Petraliella magna]
Petralia livingstonei Petralia undata
(SEM image also available)
Petraliella concinna Petraliella magna
[Riscodopa biincisa] [Sinupetraliella litoralis]
Riscodopa biincisa Sinupetraliella litoralis

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Reference: Tilbrook, Kevin J. & Cook, Patricia L., 2004. Petraliellidae Harmer, 1957 (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) from Queensland, Australia.
Systematics and Biodiversity 2: 319-339.

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