Mucropetraliella ellerii (MacGillivray, 1869)

Mucropetraliella ellerii is found from the inner shelf off southern Australia.

The image above shows autozooids, ovicells, and avicularia of various sizes. The photo above shows a colony of Mucropetraliella ellerii collected from the intertidal zone, with the predatory nudibranch Madrella sanguinea in the middle of a meal. Photo by Dr Platon Vafiadis.

   A colour photograph by Karen Gowlett-Holmes is available.

Original description: Lepralia ellerii MacGillvray, 1869.
Locality: Williamstown, Victoria.
Type specimen: MOV F45681.

The Sea Slug Forum has information on Madrella sanguinea, the principal predator of Mucropetraliella ellerii.

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