Macropora centralis MacGillivray, 1895

Macropora centralis is recorded from the Miocene of southeastern Australia. The type specimen is very small, and few characters are available to distinguish this species. It is possibly a junior synonym of Lepralia grandis Hutton, 1873.

The specimen illustrated above is from Muddy Creek, and appears to be close to the type specimen. Avicularia have not been found yet. Another specimen from Muddy Creek, with the remains of a damaged ovicell. The two specimens appear to be conspecific. The ovicell indicates that this specimen is in the group defined as the subgenus Macroporina by Uttley (1949). The subgenus Macroporina would therefore become a junior synonym of acropora. Note the calcified operculum in one zooid.
Avicularium in a specimen from Muddy Creek - the identification with M. centralis is probable, but is not 100% certain. A specimen from the Batesford Quarry, near Geelong, Victoria, of the interior of a zooid, with calcified operculum in place. The small pores are opesiules, and show the traces of the position of the parietal muscles. Identification also not 100% certain, but probable.
A detached operculum from the Batesford Quarry.

Original description: Macropora centralis MacGillivray, 1895
Locality: Muddy Creek, Victoria.
Type specimen: MOV P27627

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