Macropora MacGillivray, 1895

Type species: Macropora centralis MacGillivray, 1895 (?=Lepralia grandis Hutton, 1873)

Synonyms Author Type Species
Macroporella Uttley, 1949 Macroporella waimatukuensis Uttley, 1949
Macroporina Uttley, 1949 Macroporina retusa Uttley, 1949

Colony uniserial or pluriserial. If pluriserial, encrusting or erect; unilaminar, bilaminar foliaceous or plurilaminar by self overgrowth. Zooids large and convex. Frontal wall extensive, calcified, rugose and perforate by pseudopores which serve as opesiules. Orifice D-shaped, with a distal oral shelf (vestibular arch) under the operculum. Operculum calcified and thick. Heterozooidal gynozooids may be present. Ovicell subimmersed usually recumbent, the zooid it overlies being restricted, in many cases having no room to develop either a polypide, or orifice and operculum and thus is a kenozooid. The ovicell is closed by the operculum of the maternal zooid, which has two positions of closure: an upper one for the ovicell and, below this, a position for the zooid. Avicularia may exist, similar in size and aspect to an autozooid, but differing in their orifices that are roughly square or rectangular in shape, usually with external denticles in their distal edge and acute teeth directed downwards, not visible when the orifice is closed. Oral spines present either in the avicularia, the autozooids, or both. If both zooidal types have oral spines, those of the avicularia are usually longer and thicker. Avicularia with oral spines have always one spine more than the mandibles have denticles. Interzooidal communication by basal pore chambers (dietellae), usually three (one distal and two distolateral) produced by each zooid, sometimes divided into secondary chambers. (Lopez de la Cuadra & Garcia Gomez, 1997).

This genus includes the species:

  1. Macropora africana
  2. Hayward & Cook, 1983 Recent S. Africa WoRMS 471878
  3. Macropora antarctica
  4. Hara, 2002 Eocene Antarctica Seymour I. WoRMS 1404774
  5. Macropora? aquiae
  6. Canu & Bassler, 1920 Paleogene Paleocene Thanetian? USA Maryland WoRMS 1404775
  7. Macropora browni
  8. de la Cuadra & Garcia-Gomez, 1997 Recent New Zealand WoRMS 471882
  9. Macropora bullata
  10. Gordon & Taylor, 2008 Paleogene Eocene Priabonian New Zealand WoRMS 471889
  11. Macropora carlosi
  12. Gordon & Taylor, 2008 Recent Pacific southwest Norfolk Ridge WoRMS 468279
  13. Macropora centralis
  14. MacGillivray, 1895 Miocene Australia WoRMS 1404776
  15. Macropora cribrilifera
  16. Maplestone, 1901 Neogene Miocene Australia WoRMS 1404777
  17. Macropora? cuniformis
  18. (Brydone, 1909) Late Cretaceous Campanian England WoRMS 471890
  19. Macropora filifera
  20. Gordon & Taylor, 2008 Recent New Zealand WoRMS 468280
  21. Macropora georgiensis
  22. de la Cuadra & Garcia-Gomez, 1997 Recent S. Atlantic WoRMS 471883
  23. Macropora grandis
  24. (Hutton, 1873) Recent
    New Zealand
    New Zealand, Australia?
    WoRMS 471877
  25. Macropora leeae
  26. Gordon & Taylor, 2008 Paleogene Oligocene Rupelian New Zealand WoRMS 471888
  27. Macropora levinseni
  28. Brown, 1952 Tertiary New Zealand WoRMS 471879
  29. Macropora mawatariorum
  30. Gordon & Taylor, 2008 Recent Japan WoRMS 468281
  31. Macropora nodulosa
  32. Gordon & Taylor, 2008 Recent New Zealand WoRMS 468282
  33. Macropora operculata
  34. (Canu, 1908) Tertiary Argentina WoRMS 1411951
  35. Macropora pittensis
  36. Gordon & Taylor, 2008 Neogene Pliocene Zanclean-Piacenzian New Zealand Chatham Islands WoRMS 471887
  37. Macropora polymorpha
  38. (Philipps, 1899) Recent Lifu, New Caledonia WoRMS 471880
  39. Macropora quadriseriata
  40. Canu & Bassler, 1935 Tertiary Australia WoRMS 1404778
  41. Macropora retusa
  42. (Uttley, 1949) Oligocene New Zealand WoRMS 1411952
  43. Macropora septispinosa
  44. Gordon & Taylor, 2008 Neogene Miocene Burdigalian-Aquitanian New Zealand WoRMS 471885
  45. Macropora similis
  46. Gordon & Taylor, 2008 Neogene Pliocene New Zealand WoRMS 471886
  47. Macropora spinifera
  48. (Philipps, 1899) Recent Lifu, New Caledonia WoRMS 471881
  49. Macropora trisinuata
  50. (Uttley, 1949) Oligocene New Zealand WoRMS 1411953
  51. Macropora uttleyi
  52. de la Cuadra & Garcia-Gomez, 1997 Recent New Zealand WoRMS 471884
  53. Macropora waimatukensis
  54. (Uttley, 1949) Oligocene New Zealand WoRMS 1411954
Macropora centralis Macropora cribrilifera

Harmer notebook - entry for Macropora


Banta, William C., Gray, Natasha, & Gordon, Dennis P., 1997. A cryptocystal operculum and a new method of lophophore protrusion in the cheilostome bryozoan Macropora levinseni.
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Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 153 (1): 115-146.

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