Bryozoa - Taxa for 1849

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1848 1850
Acanthocladia King, 1849    
Cellepora acervata Steininger, 1849
Cellepora porosa Steininger, 1849
Cellepora primaeva Steininger, 1849
Chaetetes gracilis Dana, 1849
Chisma furcillatum Lonsdale, 1849
Choristopetalum impar Lonsdale, 1849
Crisidia johnstonia Couch, 1849
Discopora membranacea Steininger, 1849
Escharopora microstoma Steininger, 1849
Fenestella angusta Steininger, 1849
Fenestella fastuosa Steininger, 1849
Fenestella gracilis Dana, 1849
Fenestella intermedia Dana, 1849
Fenestella media Dana, 1849
Fenestella purpurea Steininger, 1849
Fenestella sanguinea Steininger, 1849
Fenestella textilis Steininger, 1849
Fistulipora major McCoy, 1849
Fistulipora minor McCoy, 1849
Flustra gerolsteinensis Steininger, 1849
Flustra primaeva Steininger, 1849
Flustra prisca Steininger, 1849
Hemitrypa elegans Steininger, 1849
Hemitrypa striata Steininger, 1849
Limaria clathrata Steininger, 1849
Plumatella familiaris Gros, 1849
Plumatella familiaris Gros, 1849
Ptilodictya pavonia d'Orbigny, 1849
Retepora dispar Steininger, 1849
Retepora phillipsiana d'Orbigny, 1849
Retepora speciosa Steininger, 1849
Siphodictyum gracile Lonsdale, 1849
Tata rugosa van Beneden, 1849
Terebripora antiqua d'Orbigny, 1849
1848 1850

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