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Etheridge, R. Jr, 1873. Description of Carinella, a new genus of Carboniferous Polyzoa. Geological Magazine 10: 433-434.

Hincks, T, 1873. Contributions to the history of the Polyzoa. Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science (n.s.), 13(49): 16-36. (PDF File)

Hutton, F. W., 1873. Polyzoa. In: Catalogue of the marine Mollusca of New Zealand, with diagnoses of species: 87-104. (Government Printer, Wellington. (PDF File)

Sars, M., 1873. Beskrivelse over nogle norske Polyzoer. Forh. VidenskSelsk. Krist. 1862 (1-29)

Smitt, F. A., 1873. Floridan Bryozoa collected by Count L.F. de Pourtales, Part 2. Kongliga Svenska Vetenskaps-Akademiens Handlingar 11 (4): 1-83. (PDF File)

Stoliczka, F., 1873. The Cretaceous fauna of southern India. The Ciliopoda. Palaeontologia Indica 4 (2): 1-34. (pp. 33-68 , pl.1-3)

Verrill, A. E., 1873. Report on the invertebrate animals of Vineyard Sound and the adjacent waters, with an account of the physical characters of the region. Report of the US Fish Commission 1 (1871-72): 295-778. (Bryozoa 707-714, pl.33,34; Vesic. armata p.416 (Jelly))

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