Oncousoeciidae Canu, 1918

The family was included in Bassler (1953), and by Taylor (1993), who incorporated the Annectocymidae in the family.

Synonyms Author
Filisparsidae Borg, 1944

This family includes the genera

  1. Abyssoecia
  2. Anguisia
  3. Axilosoecia
  4. Filicisparsa
  5. Filisparsa
  6. Foliopora
  7. Hemipustulopora
  8. Leptopora
  9. Microeciella
  10. Oncousoecia
  11. Paulella
  12. Proboscina

Other genera may include Leptopora, Proboscinopora, Stomatopora and Stomatoporina

[Anguisia species]
Anguisia species

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