Frondiporidae Busk, 1875

Synonyms Author
Fascigeridae d'Orbigny, 1853
Fasciculiporidae Walter, 1969

The family Fascigeridae has been considered invalid by many authors, as it was not based upon a type genus. It has been used by Taylor & McKinney (2006), but will not be separated in this website until further revision is published.

This family includes the genus

  1. Apsendesia
  2. Constrictopora ?family uncertain
  3. Discofascigera
  4. Fasciculipora
  5. Filifascigera
  6. Frondipora
  7. Meandropora
  8. Paraguataia (or) Paraquataia
  9. Pseudofrondipora
[Fasciculipora fruticosa]
Fasciculipora fruticosa

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