Discofascigera d'Orbigny, 1853

Type species: Discofascigera ligeriensis d'Orbigny, 1853

This genus includes the species:

  1. Discofascigera candeana
  2. d'Orbigny, 1853 Recent Pacific Ocean WoRMS 987538
  3. Discofascigera exaltata
  4. (Waters, 1884) Neogene Miocene Australia Victoria WoRMS 1410836
  5. Discofascigera ligeriensis
  6. d'Orbigny, 1853 Late Cretaceous Santonian France, England WoRMS 1401551
  7. Discofascigera radiata
  8. d'Orbigny, 1852 Late Cretaceous Campanian France WoRMS 1401552
  9. Discofascigera ternata
  10. Viskova, 2000 Late Cretaceous Belarus WoRMS 1401553
  11. Discofascigera tubulifera
  12. MacGillivray, 1895 Neogene Miocene Australia Victoria WoRMS 1401554
  13. Discofascigera vinei
  14. Gregory, 1909 Early Cretaceous Albian England WoRMS 472261

This information has been compiled from data collected by the late Alan Horowitz. Many of these species need modern revision, and are included in this genus as an estimate of the genus diversity. I welcome corrections and comments.

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