Selenaria exasperans Cook & Chimonides, 1987

Selenaria exasperans is found off southern Australia. The illustration shows a male zooid (top centre, with enlarged opesia), at least five female zooids with small cap-shaped brood chamber, several autozooids (bottom) and four avicularia (with extensive opesia).)

Ancestrular region

Original description: Selenaria exasperans Cook & Chimonides, 1987
Locality: Bass Strait
Holotype: MOV F52898
Reference: Cook, P.L. & Chimonides, P. J. 1987. Recent & fossil Lunulitidae (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) 7. Selenaria maculata Busk, and allied species from Australasia. Journal of natural history 21: 933-966

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