Phidoloporidae Gabb & Horn, 1862

Synonyms Author
Hippellozoonidae Vigneaux, 1949
Reteporidae Smitt, 1868
Rhynchozooninae Vigneaux, 1949
Schizoreteporinae Gregory, 1893
Sertellidae Jullien, 1903

Description: Colony generally erect, reticulate, forming a lacey network with zooids opening on one side of the branches, and with extrazooidal calcification on the basal side; colony attachment by thickened extrazooidal calcification at proximal portion. Some colonies are delicate and branching, not forming networks. Some genera are encrusting unilaminar; one forms nodular colonies. Zooid frontal with marginal pores only, surface smooth or pustulose. Zooid orifice with a sinuate or orbicular orifice; primary orifice often obscured by thickening frontal calcification. Articulated oral spines may be present. A tubular pseudospiramen may develop on the proximal side of the peristome by coalescence of the marginal processes. Many genera have a denticulate distal margin to the orifice. Ovicells hyperstomial; prominent initially, becoming immersed in secondary calcification. Proximal margin of orifice may be elaborated into a projecting lip, or straight, or indented. Ovicell frontal may have entire calcification, or may be perforate with a pore, slit, or complex dentate fissure. Avicularia generally present, of varied types in different groups; mainly adventitious, with interzooidal avicularia in a few species.

Image below is of the original family definition, from Gabb & Horn, 1862.
Prepared by courtesy of Mary Spencer-Jones, Copyright © Natural History Museum, London.

Gabb & Horn family definition

This family includes the genera

  1. Allorhynchozoon: See Lifuella
  2. Bryorachis
  3. Chevron
  4. Crenulatella
  5. Dentiporella
  6. Dictyochasma
  7. Fodinella
  8. Hippellozoon
  9. Hippopozoon
  10. Iodictyum
  11. Lifuella
  12. Malleatia
  13. Metacleidochasma
  14. Phidolopora
  15. Plesiocleidochasma
  16. Psileschara
  17. Psilosecos
  18. Reteporella
  19. Reteporellina
  20. Rhynchozoon
  21. Schedocleidochasma: see Plesiocleidochasma
  22. Psammocleidochasma
  23. Schizoretepora
  24. Schizotheca
  25. Sparsiporina
  26. Stephanollona
  27. Strophiella
  28. Triphyllozoon
[Bryorachis pichoni] Chevron prestoni [Dentiporella saldanhai] Dentiporella sardonica
Bryorachis pichoni
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Chevron prestoni
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Dentiporella saldanhai
(Thanks to Oscar Reverter-Gil)
Dentiporella sardonica
(Thanks to Oscar Reverter-Gil)
Dictyochasma sinuosa [Fodinella spinigera] [Iodictyum magniavicularis] Iodictyum phoeniceum
Dictyochasma sinuosa Fodinella spinigera Iodictyum magniavicularis
(Thanks to Ann-Marget Amui)
Iodictyum phoeniceum
Iodictyum phoeniceum Iodictyum willeyi Malleatia rara [Metacleidochasma verrucosa]
Iodictyum phoeniceum:
colour photograph by

Karen Gowlett-Holmes
Iodictyum willeyi Malleatia rara
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Metacleidochasma verrucosa
(thanks to Matt Dick)
Phidolopora avicularis Phidolopora elongata Plesiocleidochasma fallax Plesiocleidochasma normani
Phidolopora avicularis Phidolopora elongata
(Thanks to Matt Dick)
Plesiocleidochasma fallax Plesiocleidochasma normani
Reteporella beaniana Reteporella flabellata Reteporella graeffei Reteporellina denticulata
Reteporella beaniana
Thanks to Wolfgang Seifarth for photos
Reteporella flabellata
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Reteporella graeffei Reteporellina denticulata
Reteporella rosjoarum Reteporellina marsupiata [Rhynchozoon haha] [Rhynchozoon ferocula]
Reteporella rosjoarum
(Thanks to Blanca Figuerola)
Reteporellina marsupiata Rhynchozoon haha
(Thanks to Ann-Marget Amui)
Rhynchozoon ferocula
(Thanks to Matt Dick)
[Rhynchozoon splendens] Rhynchozoon sp.1 Stephanollona orbicularis Triphyllozoon arcuatum
Rhynchozoon splendens
(Thanks to Matt Dick)
Rhynchozoon sp.1 Stephanollona orbicularis Triphyllozoon arcuatum
Triphyllozoon munitum Triphyllozoon moniliferum Triphyllozoon munitum [Triphyllozoon tenue]
Triphyllozoon munitum Triphyllozoon moniliferum:
colour photograph by

Karen Gowlett-Holmes
Triphyllozoon munitum:
colour photograph by

Karen Gowlett-Holmes
Triphyllozoon tenue
(Thanks to Ann-Marget Amui)

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