Introduction, Users' Guide, Statement of Intent

1. Purpose of the Bryozoa Home Page

This information started to accumulate as a learning experience, putting together my interests in Bryozoa, computers and image processing. I aim to provide access to a wide range of information about bryozoans, and encourage others with resources to make them widely available.
Eventually, it is hoped that enough information will accumulate to justify the preparation of a CD-Rom. The use of the HTML structure should simplify the preparation of such a CD-Rom.

2. Symbols used

At present, the main symbols are, I hope, reasonably clear. The two main indexes are the

Systematic Family ListSystematic Index to Families and the
Systematic Family ListAlphabetic Index to Families
An additional button - is to move up one level - from species to genus, or genus to family.

3. Bells and Whistles

I have no intentions at present to use Java, VRML, animations, image maps or frames. Large clickable image maps I find are annoying because of the time they take to download. The "Front End" will therefore be simple and text-based (or 'boring'), in order to provide the maximum information as quickly as possible, and lead the enquirer to the image files at the "Back End" as quickly as possible.
Tables, and queries to databases (using cgi forms) are seen as potentially useful, but they are a low priority for me at present. Ultimately, alphabetic indexing of genera and species will be necessary.
Keys for identification is another long term aim (see the Key at the Marine Biological Laboratory reference on Woods Hole Invertebrates).

4. Contributions invited

I recognise the limitations of the material available at present - I am using my own collections. I would like to invite anyone to participate - by sending me photos, improvements to the structure, scanned picture files, or just to install some files on your local Web server, which can be added as a cross-reference. (For example, see the Family Scrupariidae for a reference to a picture at the Marine Biological Laboratory.
I would particularly appreciate additional information on Palaeozoic and Mesozoic bryozoans, as well as material from all the other parts of the world.

5. Copyright Issues

A major concern in adding information, particularly images, to the Internet is the possibility of their being used without acknowledgement. The underwater photographers are especially sensitive to this, as the sale of photographs is a major issue. I intend to use © Copyright symbols on all material submitted by others - I have skipped it so far for my own 'experimental' offerings. Scanned images will have the Copyright information added directly to the image for any contributions. By using relatively small image files (Maximum height 600 pixels) and by sharpening the image to the point of degrading the appearance, it should be possible to prevent someone stealing the image for high quality reproduction.

6. Mirror sites request

In Australia, we are acutely aware of the problems of waiting ages for files to cross the international links. I would like to hear from any person who could accommodate the files on a computer in Europe or in North America, as mirror sites.

7. Email service

If you have problems getting a file that you need (or a series of files) using the present interface, let me know and I will try using email to transmit them to you.

8. The Future

Along with much more information, indexes, and keys, I envisage queries for distribution of data, and more maps. Even more important, a database of references, which could be queried by species and geographic area, and electronic forms of references, including copies of rare and out-of-print (out of copyright!) material. There's nothing like having a dream - at the present rate it will not be done until after I have gone! Correction - it will never be finished!

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