Aspidopora Ulrich, 1882

Type species: Aspidopora areolata Ulrich, 1882

This genus includes the species:

Aspidopora has been synonymised with Prasopora, but this is dubious.

  1. Aspidopora areolata
  2. Ulrich, 1882 Ordovician Sandbian-Katian USA Ohio WoRMS 1399994
  3. Aspidopora bellula
  4. Ruedemann, 1925 Ordovician Sandbian-Katian USA New York WoRMS 1399995
  5. Aspidopora eccentrica
  6. (James, 1882) Ordovician Sandbian-Katian USA Ohio WoRMS 1410031
  7. Aspidopora newberryi
  8. (Nicholson, 1875) Ordovician Sandbian-Katian USA Ohio, Canada WoRMS 1410032

Aspidopora from Cincinnati region: at University of Georgia.

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