Batostomella Ulrich, 1882

Type species: Chaetetes gracilis Nicholson, 1874

The genus Batostomella is often stated to be a synonym of Bythopora.

Synonyms Author Type Species
Leptotrypellina Vinassa de Regny, 1921 Homotrypella? subgracilis Ulrich, 1893

This genus includes the species:

  1. Batostomella briarea
  2. (Nicholson, 1875) Ordovician Sandbian-Katian USA Kentucky WoRMS 1410112
  3. Batostomella gracilis
  4. (Nicholson, 1874) Late Ordovician Caradoc-Ashgill USA, Canada WoRMS 1410113
  5. Batostomella gracilis robusta
  6. (Marintsch, 1998) Middle Ordovician USA Tennessee WoRMS 1415125
  7. Batostomella hemiseptensis
  8. (Owen, 1962) Silurian Ludlovian England WoRMS 1410114
  9. Batostomella? irregularis
  10. Schoenmann, 1926 Devonian Givetian? Russia WoRMS 1400218
  11. Batostomella lineaxis
  12. Yang, 1956 Devonian Givetian China WoRMS 1400219
  13. Batostomella? manchuriensis
  14. Yabe & Sugiyama, 1942 Permian China WoRMS 1400220
  15. Batostomella oomorpha
  16. Whidborne, 1895 Middle Devonian Givetian England WoRMS 1400221
  17. Batostomella parva
  18. Schoenmann, 1926 Devonian Givetian? Russia WoRMS 1400222
  19. Batostomella pulchra
  20. Liu, 1980 Early Permian China WoRMS 1400223
  21. Batostomella rhombicellata
  22. Schulga-Nesterenko, 1955 Carboniferous Russia WoRMS 1400224
  23. Batostomella sublongipora
  24. (Liu, 1976) Late Carboniferous China Inner Mongolia WoRMS 1410115

This information is based upon various sources, but no personal knowledge. I am indebted to the late Alan Horowitz for his compilation, and to Dr. J. Pachut.
I would be grateful for corrections to, or critical reviews of this information. This is not a 'final' version (an impossible ideal), but a working document. I have placed all the "Stenopora spinigera" group and "Batostomella columnaris" with Stenopora at present - but preparation of the page for this genus is postponed.

Batostomella from Cincinnati region: at University of Georgia.

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