Halloporina Bassler, 1913

Type species: Callopora crenulata Ulrich, 1893

Synonyms Author Type Species
Calloporina Ulrich & Bassler, 1904 Callopora crenulata Ulrich, 1893

This genus includes the species:

  1. Halloporina crenulata
  2. (Ulrich, 1893) Late Ordovician Caradocian USA (Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin) WoRMS 1411425
  3. Halloporina parva
  4. (Ulrich & Bassler, 1904) Late Ordovician Caradocian USA (Tennessee) WoRMS 1411426
  5. Halloporina severozemelica
  6. Nekhorosheva, 2002 Ordovician Russia WoRMS 1403568

Calloporina (=Halloporina) from Nashville region: at University of Georgia.

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