International Bryozoology Meetings

Every three years the IBA hosts an international conference from which papers are published as a proceedings volume.

Upcoming & Past Conferences

International Meetings

19th Conference: 2022, Brazil, tba

18th Conference: 2019, Liberec, Czech Republic

17th Conference: 2016, Melbourne, Australia

16th Conference: 2013, Catania, Italy

15th Conference: 2010, Kiel, Germany

14th Conference: 2007, Boone, NC, USA

13th Conference: 2004, Concepción, Chile

12th Conference: 2001, Dublin, Ireland

11th Conference: 1998, Panama

10th Conference: 1995, Wellington, New Zealand

9th Conference: 1992, Swansea, UK

8th Conference: 1989, Paris, France

7th Conference: 1986, Bellingham, Washington, USA

6th Conference: 1983, Vienna, Austria

5th Conference: 1980, Durham, UK

4th Conference: 1977, Woods Hole, MA, USA

3rd Conference: 1974, Lyon, France

2nd Conference: 1971, Durham, UK

1st Conference: 1968, Milan, Italy

Larwood Symposia

The IBA also supports a British-based yearly meeting named in honour of Gilbert Larwood, held during years where there is no IBA Conference. This informal meeting aims to bring bryozoan workers together to stimulate discussion, particularly between students and established researchers.

16th Larwood Symposium: 2020, La Spezia, Italy

15th Larwood Symposium: 2018, Cardiff, UK

14th Larwood Symposium: 2017, Vienna, Austria

13th Larwood Symposium: 2015, Thurso, Scotland

12th Larwood Symposium:2014, Sopot, Poland

11th Larwood Symposium: 2012, Brno, Czech Republic

10th Larwood Symposium: 2011, Santiago de Compostella, Spain

9th Larwood Symposium: 2009, Oslo, Norway

8th Larwood Symposium: 2008, Vienna, Austria

7th Larwood Symposium: 2007, Napoli, Italy

6th Larwood Symposium: 2006, Dublin, Ireland

5th Larwood Symposium: 2005, Aberystwyth, UK

4th Larwood Symposium: 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark

3rd Larwood Symposium: 2000, London, UK

2nd Larwood Symposium: 1999, Swansea, UK

1st Larwood Symposium: 1998, Bristol, UK

AustraLarwood Symposia

7th AustraLarwood Symposium: 2020, Christchurch, NZ

6th AustraLarwood Symposium: 2017, Wellington, NZ

5th AustraLarwood Symposium: 2014, Perth, Australia

4th AustraLarwood Symposium: 2012, Townsville, Australia [originally postponed due to Christchurch earthquake]

3rd AustraLarwood Symposium: 2009, Melbourne, Australia

2nd AustraLarwood Symposium: 2008, Dunedin, NZ

1st AustraLarwood Symposium: 2006, Wellington, NZ