Enallopora d'Orbigny, 1849

Type species: Gorgonia perantiqua Hall, 1847

Synonyms Author Type Species
Protocrisina Ulrich, 1889 Protocrisina exigua Ulrich, 1890

This genus includes the species:

  1. Enallopora? carnica
  2. (Vinassa de Regny, 1915) Ordovician Caradoc=Sandbian-Katian Italy WoRMS 1410924
  3. Enallopora exigua
  4. (Ulrich, 1890) Ordovician Ashgill-Caradoc USA, Canada, Estonia, Sweden, Poland WoRMS 1410925
  5. Enallopora lineata
  6. Boulange, 1963 Ordovician Ashgill France WoRMS 1401797
  7. Enallopora moe
  8. Männil, 1958 Ordovician Ashgill Estonia WoRMS 1401798
  9. Enallopora oepiki
  10. Männil, 1958 Ordovician Llandeilo-Caradoc Estonia, Latvia, Belarus WoRMS 1401799
  11. Enallopora osloensis
  12. Brood, 1980 Ordovician Ashgill Norway, Estonia WoRMS 1401800
  13. Enallopora perantiqua
  14. (Hall, 1847) Ordovician USA (NY) WoRMS 1410926
  15. Enallopora? sardoa
  16. (Vinassa de Regny, 1942) Ordovician Caradocian Italy Sardinia WoRMS 1410927
  17. Enallopora ulrichi
  18. (Bassler, 1911) Ordovician Darriwillian Estonia, Latvia, Belarus WoRMS 1410928
  19. Enallopora wimani
  20. (Reed, 1910) Ordovician Llandeilo-Caradoc Estonia WoRMS 1410929

This information is based upon various sources, but no personal knowledge. I am indebted to the late Alan Horowitz for his compilation, and to Dr. J. Pachut.
I would be grateful for corrections to, or critical reviews of this information. This is not a 'final' version (an impossible ideal), but a working document.

For Enallopora images from Estonia, go to the Institute of Geology, Talinn University of Technology and search for the genus.

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