Radiotubigera d'Orbigny, 1853

Type species: Lichenopora organisans d'Orbigny, 1851 (R. organisms d'Orbigny, 1853, lapsus, in Bassler 1953)

The type species has been considered as a synonym of Defrancia complanata Römer, 1840 (now Discotubigera). Radiotubigera was maintained as a subgenus of Actinopora in Bassler (1953), and is retained as distinct here until a further revision is achieved.

This genus includes the species:

  1. Radiotubigera organisans
  2. (d'Orbigny, 1853) Late Cretaceous Coniacian-Santonian France WoRMS 1413343
  3. Radiotubigera orientalis
  4. Balavoine in Furon & Balavoine, 1960 Neogene Miocene Aquitanian Central Asia WoRMS 1407418
  5. Radiotubigera pileolus
  6. (Reuss, 1869) Paleogene Eocene Priabonian Italy WoRMS 1413344

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