Reptocavea d'Orbigny, 1853

Type species: Reptocavea rugosa Michelin, 1846 = Heteropora tuberosa d'Orbigny, 1853

Reptocavea was considered as a synonym of Petalopora in Bassler (1953). The genus was included as a subgenus of Petalopora by Masse & Walter, 1974. Reptocavea aspera was included in a checklist of New Zealand fauna in the Lichenoporidae by Gordon, Taylor & Bigey, 2009.

This genus includes the species:

  1. Reptocavea aspera
  2. Waters, 1887 Neogene Pliocene Piacenzian New Zealand WoRMS 1442556
  3. Reptocavea discoidea
  4. Canu, 1911 Late Cretaceous Argentina WoRMS 1442557
  5. Reptocavea? explanata
  6. Canu, 1911 Late Cretaceous Argentina WoRMS 1442558
  7. Reptocavea tuberosa
  8. (Römer, 1839) Early Cretaceous Germany also France, Switzerland WoRMS 1442559

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