Multizonopora d'Orbigny, 1853

Type species: Heteropora arborea Koch & Dunker, 1827

Multizonopora has been considered as a synonym of Heteropora. The genus was maintained by Taylor, Lazo & Aguirre-Urreta (2009) as distinct, owing to the uncertainty of the diagnosis of Heteropora. Species assigned to Zonatula are also included in the list.

Synonyms Author Type Species
Zonatula Hamm, 1881 Plethopora pseudotorquata von Hagenow, 1851.

This genus includes the species:

  1. Multizonopora annulata
  2. (Gregory, 1909) Late Cretaceous Maastrichtian Netherlands WoRMS 1441149
  3. Multizonopora arborea
  4. (Koch & Dunker, 1827) Early Cretaceous France, Germany WoRMS 1441150
  5. Multizonopora favus
  6. (Seeley, 1866) Early Cretaceous Albian England WoRMS 1441151
  7. Multizonopora magnifica
  8. (Novak, 1877) Late Cretaceous Turonian Czech Republic WoRMS 1441155
  9. Multizonopora pseudotorquata
  10. (von Hagenow, 1851) Late Cretaceous Maastrichtian Netherlands WoRMS 1441152
  11. Multizonopora pseudotorquata irregularis
  12. (Gregory, 1909) Late Cretaceous Maastrichtian Netherlands WoRMS 1441153
  13. Multizonopora undata
  14. (d'Orbigny, 1853) Late Cretaceous Maastrichtian France WoRMS 1441154

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