Ybselosoecia Canu & Lecointre, 1933

Type species: Pustulopora palmata Busk, 1859

The status of the genus will require revision of the material from France used in defining the genus. The specimens from France that were examined are likely to be different from the species from England described by Busk (see the notes linked at Neogene Bryozoa of Great Britain below).

This genus includes the species:

  1. Ybselosoecia palmata
  2. (Busk, 1859) Pliocene England WoRMS 1372303
  3. Ybselosoecia typica
  4. (Manzoni, 1878) Cenozoic Europe WoRMS 1372304

Mecynoecia? palmata at Neogene Bryozoa of Great Britain site.

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