Densiporidae Borg, 1944

Diagnosis: Colony encrusting, sometimes thickly, or small and pedunculate; radially symmetrical or, if extensive, with macular centres. Autozooids and kenozooids free-walled (lacking exterior frontal walls), although some autozooid peristomes fixed-walled. Autozooids arranged radially or quincuncially, flanked or surrounded by kenozooids lacking diaphragms. Brood-chamber roof exterior-walled, entire or pierced by autozooidal peristomes, densely pseudoporous and typically bordered by raised rim; ooeciostome relatively simple tube, ooeciopore generally simple, sometimes flared. (Gordon & Taylor 2001)

This family includes the genera

  1. Densipora
  2. Favosipora
  3. Flosculipora
  4. Unicavea
* Favosipora adunca *
Densipora corrugata Favosipora adunca Flosculipora pygmaea

Reference: Gordon, D.P., & Taylor, P.D., 2001. New Zealand Recent Densiporidae and Lichenoporidae (Bryozoa: Cyclostomata). Species Diversity, 6: 243-290.


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