Polyascosoecia Canu, 1920

Type species: Polyascosoecia cancellata Canu, 1920

Synonym of Crisidmonea according to Bassler, 1953. Valid in Zágoršek, 2003.

Polyascoecia was defined twice: by Canu (1920, published May), with the type species "Idmonea cancellata Reuss, 1848". This is not an available name, as Reuss had identified his material with Retepora cancellata Goldfuss, 1829. This latter is the type species of Crisidmonea Marsson 1887. As the definition by Canu is based on a misidentification, the species Polyascosoecia cancellata Canu, 1920 is considered as available, and is the type species for Polyascosoecia Canu 1920 (Zágoršek, 2003). Also in 1920, but later (published 30 June), Canu & Bassler defined the new genus Polyascosoecia, with the type species Polyascosoecia coronopus Canu & Bassler 1920, which is a nomen nudum. This species is considered as a synonym of P. cancellata Canu, 1920.

This genus includes the species:

  1. Polyascosoecia cancellata
  2. Canu, 1920 Cretaceous-Pliocene Europe, USA WoRMS 1406605
  3. Polyascosoecia imbricata
  4. Canu & Bassler, 1920 Paleogene Eocene Priabonian USA Mississippi WoRMS 1406606
  5. Polyascosoecia iranica
  6. Zágoršek, Yazdi, & Bahrami, 2017 Paleogene Oligocene- Neogene Miocene Iran WoRMS 1406607
  7. Polyascosoecia jacksonica
  8. Canu & Bassler, 1920 Paleogene Eocene Priabonian USA southeast WoRMS 1406608
  9. Polyascosoecia pseudolichenoides
  10. Voigt, 1987 Paleogene Paleocene Danian Germany WoRMS 1406609
  11. Polyascosoecia punctata
  12. (Busk, 1859) Late Cretaceous France WoRMS 1412976
  13. Polyascosoecia sparsa
  14. (Reuss, 1864) Eocene-Oligocene Europe, Egypt WoRMS 1412977

For discussion, see Zágoršek, 2003.

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