Reptonodicava d'Orbigny, 1854

Type species: Ceriopora globosa Michelin, 1846. According to Walter, this species is a synonym of Millepora corymbosa Lamouroux, 1821, and therefore belongs to Ceriocava.

Reptonodicava was included as a synonym of Ceriopora by Bassler (1953), and of Ceriocava by Walter (1969). The genus was used by Morozova & Zharnikova, 1984, and has been added here.

This genus includes the species:

  1. Reptonodicava conviva
  2. (Gerasimov, 1955) Middle Jurassic Callovian Russia WoRMS 1413451
  3. Reptonodicava globosa ?
  4. (Michelin, 1846) Early Cretaceous Aptian England WoRMS 1414562
  5. Reptonodicava incrassata
  6. Morozova & Zharnikova, 1984 Late Triassic Norian Russia WoRMS 1407534

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