Hemipachydictya Kopaevich, 1968

Type species: Stictopora crassa Hall, 1852 (May not be recognisable?)

Hemipachydictya was defined by Kopajevich in 1968 with the type species Stictopora crassa Hall, 1852. Kopajevich later (1970) selected Hemipachydictya copiosa Kopajevich 1970 as type species, and added three additional species.
All four were referred to Metadictya by Kopajevich in 1975. The genus needs another review.

This genus includes the species:

  1. Hemipachydictya holmi
  2. (Hennig, 1905) Silurian Wenlock Sweden Gotland WoRMS 1411449
  3. Metadictya macropora
  4. (Hennig, 1905) Silurian Wenlock Sweden Gotland WoRMS 1438359

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