Nemacanthopora Termier & Termier, 1971

Systematic placement uncertain (Goldfussitrypidae?)

Type species: Nemacanthopora costata Termier & Termier, 1971

This genus includes the species:

Nemacanthopora is now considered a junior synonym of Clausotrypa. (Tolokonnikova et al, 2014.

Nemacanthopora aculeata Ariunchimeg, 2005 Middle Carboniferous Moscovian Mongolia
Nemacanthopora cellaris (Xia, 1997) Devonian China
Nemacanthopora costata Termier & Termier, 1971 Carboniferous Mississippian Tournaisian Afghanistan
Nemacanthopora costatiformis Ariunchimeg, 2005 Early Carboniferous Tournaisian Mongolia
Nemacanthopora excellens (Ariunchimeg, 1996) Carboniferous Mississippian Visean-Serpukhovian Mongolia

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